Mobile sites with adaptive (responsive) design.

The Digital marketing Agency Emedia Consult develops mobile sites with adaptive (responsive) design.
Most of consumers are connected to internet via their mobile devices – phones, tablets that are now quite accessible and widespread in the network. The most common Google search recommends adaptive (responsive) design for the web sites. The sites with responsive design are better rated among the search results.

The mobile site or the website with responsive design optimized for mobile devices is created in order to be viewed from all mobile devices. As the mobile devices screens have much less dimensions in comparison to the desktop computer screen it is important to take into account the mobile devices users when providing the practical operation.
The appropriate site mobile may arose interest in your customers and even reveal your content to entirely new audience.

The advantages to have mobile site or site of adaptive responsive design are the following:

• Easier navigation
• More efficiently presented information
• Optimized design
• More simple code generating lower mobile traffic through 3G network
• Dual indexing of your site in search engines

When searching a key word from mobile devices Google shows just those sites that have mobile version or responsive design before the sites that have no such. This why, the sooner you develop mobile version or adaptive responsive design for your site the better will be for you because you will get ahead of your competitors and thus you will reach much more customers.
If you think that your site should get a mobile version or responsive design, please fill our contact form and we will place you an offer with the price for the development.