Facebook games

Facebook games – games are source of entertainment for people from remote past. Facebook games are not only for kids; men and women of all ages enjoy the challenges and competitions which we find in social networks. Many people enter in their Facebook account in order to play some Facebook game. This is an amusing way to make possible for your customers to get aware of your products and services. Facebook games generate comments, sharing, and liking and build a sense of community around your brand.

There are multiple engaging and amusing campaigns:
• Facebook game with questions (question in Facebook related to the company activities whose answer can be found in the site)
• Facebook game – Choose your prize (what product you like more 1 or 2)
• Facebook game – photo or video competition (publish photo or clip with our product)
• Facebook game with comments (give us an idea for a new dessert)
• Facebook game – pass on forward (the first one answer the question asked and the next one answers the question of the first one and in turn asks question and so on)
• Facebook game – lets write a story together (we start with ”Once upon a time…” and leave the fans to continue it under the condition that they will read all comments from the beginning and will share their post in order to continue forward)

The prize strongly motivates the participation in the Facebook game. It is the magnet for new fans and this is why, the choice is a very important factor for the effect of game!

Examples of prizes for successful Facebook games:
• Company’s product or service
• Attractive discount coupons
• Price related to your company activity

With the package “Facebook game“, which the Digital agency Emedia Consult builds for our customers, we obtain overall campaign organisation. We will prepare for you Facebook game that presents your business in attractive manner with customised vision. We engage ourselves to share the game in social platforms and groups for games with prizes as well as with campaign periodic monitoring, publishing of reminder post to the end of game, the initial results analysis and the overall impact of the Facebook game.

Contact us, and we will introduce you to the packages of our Facebook games in more detail!