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Emedia Consult is digital agency developing in the field of SEO optimisation.
SEO is a site optimization process aiming at displaying the maximum site content and achieving better positions in the search results in search engines.

SEO optimisation of a website is a complex sequence of techniques and means familiar to web programmers to increase the rating of internet page in the search engines.
Such optimisation in search engines improves the conditions for moving to the fore in their pages and easier finding of your site there. Optimisation of web site will lead to your site rising in the first search results in search engines by set key words and word groups.

SEO process is a complex set of different methods and techniques passing through several phases:
Study and planning – we study the competitors, SEO optimization methods that use sites for receiving high quality links from them, survey of key words with the help of which to use: search trends, number of searches, synonym words of bigger search volume or higher efficiency, number of competitive sites and determining of Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

On-page optimisation is a process related to the improvement of page code, revision of its elements, eliminating errors that make impossible the content indexing, editing of titles and texts, calculating the word groups in meta tags in order to obtain the highest result; correction of site internal structure, creating and adding new files that contain additional information for pages, importance rate, way of indexing and so on.

Off-page optimisation is one of the most important and most difficult phases. It is time consuming, long-lasting and requires persistence. Off-page is related to registration in search engines, registration in directories, registration in catalogues, registration in high quality sites as DMOZ, Yahoo directory, Link page, MajesticSeo, Compete, Bestoftheweb,, SEMRush and many others.
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