Emedia Consult LTD

Digital marketing agency focused in the field
of online marketing, web support
site optimization, professional
maintenance of Facebook pages.

The idea of our agency is to offer overall
online strategy to any company and
organisation as per the type and subject of activities.
Digital agency Emedia Consult focuses its activities on IT technologies and online marketing. Software and web-based systems, site optimisation, hosting professional website development to present companies, products and services. We apply the knowledge of our experts in the field of online marketing, social networks and Google Adwords. Through us you will achieve successful presentation of your business in the internet space and social networks.
By the sites of Marketing Agency Emedia Consult you will enrich and optimize your online presentation.
Our experts are not afraid of your challenges for custom-made solutions in web site development, design, web maintenance, site servicing and optimisation. Digital Marketing agency Emedia Consult LTD organizes seminars and trainings of its employees in order to acquaint them with news and trends in web (online marketing, website development, social networks, сео and other innovations).
By efficient online marketing strategy and expert seo optimization we may help you to use your profile in the social networks and your site as a powerful business tool for your presentation in the internet space and in attracting of new customers.

What we do:
• We help our customers to surpass their business aims using variety of marketing strategies
• We create fascinating content that informs, amuses and inspires
• We help our customers to create history of the brand that deserves to be shared

Our vision:
Our vision guides all aspects of what we do and this is Emedia Consult.

• To achieve results for our customers
• To follow the principles of corporate social responsibility
• To aim at searching for new ways in achieving results
• To maintain high level of efficient processes
• To take care of each team member
• To perform support on favourable terms

• We approach our customers with the same passion is if this is our own business
• We fight against futility and improper marketing practices
• We believe that the basic value of organization should be their responsibility

Business integrity:
• We give our professional recommendations to our customers but we respect their knowledge and the fact that they will take the final decision
• We treat our relations with customers as partnerships and we do our best to arrive at mutual success
• We protect information and data of our customers

• We think that the successful project or successful campaign is the one that comes to results
• We really believe in the fair measurement of results

And what is more:
• Free use of innovations – the team of Marketing Agency Emedia Consult has the creative latitude that it needs to make as successful as possible online campaign
• We endeavour in providing engaging work environment that may stimulate the mind and create positive attitude to our work with customers.

Our customers turn into lasting partners.