Google Display Network

The digital agency Emedia Consult offers optimisation of advertising campaigns to its customers also in the so called Google Display Network.At Google Display Network you may use video ads, text and banners.The specific feature of Google display network is that it enables multiple ways of targeting.

1.Targeting sex and age category using Google Display Network: If the purpose of your ad is to reach a particular audience (for example, men from 25 to 45 years old) then with the help of Google Display Network you can reach exactly those users and ensure maximum efficiency.

2.Targeting interest category: for this type of targeting Google Display Network uses information collected for any user by: visited sites, sex and age. In such way you target your ad at users who are interested in this moment in your product or service. In case the user has changed the interests such user automatically drops out from your target group and is moved to new interest group.

3.Context targeting: For this type of targeting the Google search finds the best sites for your ad. We select the appropriate key words and on this basis the Google Display Network finds sites of similar topics where your ad to be displayed.

4.Remarketing: the remarketing installs special code in your site that places cookies on the users who have visited the site. In such way the communication with the users does not end when the users leave the site, and you may continue it by displaying your ad banners to exactly that user anywhere in the Google ads network.

5.Targeting topics: Here your customers using Google Display Network may select group of sites on particular topic, For example, if we want to be displayed in sport sites, we would select the topic “Sport”.

6.Targeting location: Here the customer chooses sites according to their URL address. We also may select particular pages of a site or particular location of a page, if we know that they give good results.

Google Display Network provides multiple opportunities to target the ads according to the customer preferences. This makes possible to select the most appropriate company for particular customer.
The digital marketing agency Emedia Consult has wide experience in building of ads campaigns. Contact us in order to discuss your Google ad.